About the EPIC Street Magazine

The Epic Magazine Philippines – “Stories of Hope”

The EPIC Magazine is published by the SolvePoverty.com which is part of the nationally registered Philippines Non Profit OrphanIT.com Incorporated.

The EPIC Stories of Hope Magazine Philippines is unconditionally non-judgemental and inclusive and strives to value all people with respect, dignity and love.  We strongly promote entrepreneurship, self-reliance and independence. Critically to train people to help themselves and their communities.

Every issue features ‘Stories of Hope’ nationwide, current affairs relevant to the Philippines and other local news.

The OrphanIT NGO Corporation is an independent Philippines organisation that develops and operates a number of social enterprises that offer opportunities for orphaned, disadvantaged, homeless and marginalised people to positively change their lives. OrphanIT Inc has been a registered Philippines NGO Corporation since 2004. It has been working in the IT Training, Web Development, Online Search Engine Marketing (SEO), Project Management, Outsourcing and Employment fields for 6 years since incorporation. We started with the launch of The Philippines 1st computer telecentre in Taft Avenue Ermita, Manila back in 2001 and have since gone onto create over 20 similar projects across the country and other locations in South East  Asia.

The mission of our firm is to create sustainable ‘Social Business Programs’ primarily in the Philippines. We provide training and employment opportunities to enable job opportunities for youth and young adults. The majority of our funding and IT outsourcing work comes from Australian firms such as OutsourcingTo.Us Pty Ltd as well as other firms located in Australia, the UK, the USA, Europe, and more than 12 other countries.

We strive to be an accelerator for social change in The Philippines. We utilize entrepreneurial techniques and good business models to progress social inclusion and most importantly, alleviate poverty in The Republic of The Philippines. Our socially innovative programs and pilot programs put their core focus on helping people, especially youth, who are financially and socially disadvantaged, to gain skills, create job opportunities, build confidence and ultimately the capacity to help themselves. ie “Give a man a fish you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

OrphanIT achieves it’s social aims with a variety of programs aimed at connecting people in their local communities and across the archipelago, such as the OrphanIT Training Program, the YSEI young entrepreneurs program, SolvePoverty.com and over a dozen other ventures we have funded or are involved in.

The young people who join with us in our programs all come from diverse parts of the Philippines and a variety of difficult backgrounds of backgrounds to collectively work together to achieve a higher level of social, financial and spiritual level of prosperity for themselves, their families and communities.

The EPIC Stories of Hope Magazine Overview

Based on other successful street magazine models running internationally we have now launched the The EPIC Stories of Hope Magazine.

Our publishing model is based on the need to to deliver an independent, self-sustainable and newsworthy social business solution to disadvantaged people living in the Philippines. When our vendors sell the The EPIC Stories of Hope Magazine, which will be published once per month, they have the opportunity to earn a regular salary, care and support their families and be recognised as an active member in their communities. Our authorized vendors buy copies of The Big Issue for 50 Pesos and sell it on the streets for 100 pesos. They keep half the magazine costs ie 50%.

This model has been proven to show that it is estimated savings to society can be very significant because we are creating a reduction in poverty, increased ability for street vendors to support their families and at the same time providing a unique and interesting newspaper that caters to all levels of Philippines society.